Sent in earlier by Joe Bloggs reacting to comments about the credibility of witnesses.

The only comment that needs to be made about this charade is, the Panama Papers Seven’s credibility hinges on Mossack Fonseca’s, Nexia BT’s and Pilatus’s honesty, inclination to keep complete records and not engage in backdating, forgery or subterfuge. It is that simple. If any of you seriously believe that Mossack Fonseca, Nexia and Pilatus would not lie to cover their own behinds, would not have backdated or forged a signature or used a pre-signed & undated document here and there then you deserve Muscat and Keith Schembri as your Co-Prime Ministers and thoroughly deserve Delia as their counter-weight / accomplice and also deserve Kim Jong One News and TVMyanmar as your only source of news.

Also worthwhile remembering that this inquiry was the most complex. Why are the others taking longer than this one? Who will alert us once they are ready? Keith?