Some days ago the PN’s media called me a liar. They said I had reported the PN Parliamentary Group voted in favour of a law allowing cannabis cultivation in Malta when this was not true. I hadn’t. I did report Adrian Delia cut short debate on the matter in the Parliamentary Group and failed to declare the interest of his wife’s family and a close aide of his in the sector.

When I first carried the story the PN sent me a reply which I published. When I asked them to publish a reply to their story saying I lied about how the PN group voted, they wrote back saying they refused to publish my reply.

That’s just not right. It’s true they’re this big political party with a lot of supporters and money for a TV station and I’m just a guy with a laptop and a little blog. But might is not right and if I’m going to be branded a liar it should be about something I said, not something I didn’t.

So today I filed an application in court asking it to order the Nationalist Party media to carry my response: I have never lied about how the PN voted in Parliament. There is nothing in the report you protested about that gives you any reason to brand me a liar.