Employees of the Nationalist Party and Media Link, the PN’s media company, have told this website on condition of anonymity that on Thursday morning Adrian Delia was heard shouting in apoplectic rage and blaspheming profusely apparently when he learned the nature of the WhatsApp videos making the rounds, some of which appear to have been secretly filmed in a private setting when he still lived with his family in Siġġiewi.

Employees say they could hear the party leader throwing things off his desk, some of which hit other furniture items in the office and broke them.

Inside sources at PN HQ say the office door of the party leader was also damaged and repairs were needed to its lock.

The working environment at the headquarters of the Nationalist Party is reported to be extremely tense and some of the employees speaking to this website said they were concerned for their safety.

Questions to Adrian Delia’s communications officer about this incident sent yesterday remain unanswered at the time of writing.