By a guest writer known to me who in the past served in positions in the PN.

A moral dilemma is exactly that: a situation pregnant with ramifications, torn between equally-important principles or values. Finding oneself in such a situation can be challenging.

This is what came to mind when I read the latest litany of accusations levelled at the Leader of the Opposition (which — let’s remind ourselves — is an office provided for in the Constitution). It came to mind — and maybe I was too naive to think it would not happen — not because of the particular brand of accusations, but of the way Dr Delia is being defended up to the hilt by the coterie of friends and advisers as well as a larger bevy of cronies and hangers-on.

At best, I opt to think that these defenders of ‘il-Kap’ faced a moral dilemma when they had to decide whether to stick to Dr Delia’s side or whether to call him out on what has become an embarrassment for himself and the party he should be leading. The number of PN officials, MPs et al, who have uttered statements akin to “I am loyal to the party leader” are worrying indeed. It sounds like they have taken leave of their senses and thrown their moral compass out of the window.

Admittedly, I do not face this dilemma… As a long-standing PN voter, tesserat and more, it does not even cross my mind to put loyalty to the party leader before what is morally right by my conscience. My membership in the PN does not automatically erase my intellectual ability to ponder, nor does it eradicate any sense of moral rectitude. So, painful as it may be, I have no problem to accept that my loyalty is not infinite and unconditional.

And so, Dr Delia, this is where I address you directly. Your recent pseudo-Franciscan prayer on Facebook does not only reek of false humility and actual vindictiveness, but it also highlights a lack of basic qualities for you to occupy the constitutional office you are in.

Let’s make it clear. I do not give a rat’s ass about your marital breakdown. You made your bed, now lie in it. What concerns me is that a supposedly PM-in-waiting is limping away with a multitude of serious allegations, including that of domestic abuse — which is a scourge all of us should speak up about. 

This is not about something personal which is to be hushed up. It adds to the list of alleged crimes that you – the Leader of the Opposition  – have been accused of in less than two years. And unless we have been misled into thinking that we are not some desolate despotic banana republic; is it too much to ask that Caesar’s wife is above suspicion?

What your sycophants seem to be missing out on is the very basic notion that in a democracy – yes, that same process you and your gang so freely bandy about as to how you were elected leader in the first place – anyone with a fraction of the allegations you have been accused of, would have the basic decency to at least suspend himself.

Those who say that “due process” should be allowed to take its course need to be reminded that due process cannot be guaranteed while someone holds a Constitutional office. The same sauce we have been claiming should apply to the goose cabal at the Auberge de Castille, should also apply to the gander at PN headquarters.

And it is this where you are completely failing in your duty towards the office you swore you would uphold. In these troubled times we are facing, with a veneer of economic wellbeing fuelled by cash and the putrid hands of corruption and crime undermining our institutions, you are simply not up to the task.

You are a lame duck, “Sir”. You are being weighed out, and you have continuously been found wanting.