Sent in by May Borg in response to one of the posts post ghost-writing-gate. Thank you, May.

Manuel, I appreciate your concern and your hurt. This was one under the belt for you but I refuse to continue to discuss you. So I am going to post other questions which still need an answer.

Who really killed Daphne?

Where is Yorgen Fenech, is he being investigated?

Why are Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi still laughing in our faces?

What is Muscat going to do about today’s EU report about our filthy passport scheme?

Who owns Macbridge?

When is Parliament going to discuss the filthy Vitals deal?

What plans does the Opposition have to fight all this corruption and all this secrecy on the part of the Castille cabal?

What plans does the Opposition have to balance its finances once and forever? The country needs a solid Opposition.

…and many, many more important issues which have a direct impact on our wellbeing as a country.