Julian Micallef

Julian Micallef, formerly the chauffer of the Leader of the Nationalist Party and now recognised as Adrian Delia’s “right-hand man”, has been accused by a PN activist of arranging for Nickie Vella de Fremaux, Adrian Delia’s estranged wife, to be followed and videos were taken of her without her knowledge.

The charge is made in a signed declaration written to Party leader Adrian Delia. In that declaration, the petitioner and former Adrian Delia canvasser says he received instructions from Julian Micallef acknowledging he does not know if Adrian Delia himself knew of these instructions.

The canvasser, who campaigned strongly for Adrian Delia, accused Julian Micallef of getting him to set up fake Facebook profiles which Julian Micallef would then use to “attack and describe in the most disparaging terms” Nationalist MPs who did not appear to support Adrian Delia. The author listed 10 allegedly fake Facebook, some of which are easily recognisable as vehement trolls writing on the Facebook pages of those who dare criticise Adrian Delia, including the Facebook page of this website.

The author of the declaration also declared that Julian Micallef instructed him to “attack” Adrian Delia canvasser known as Ċensu l-Iswed by circulating a photo of the activist taken with former party leader Simon Busuttil.

He also said that Julian Micallef sent him a photo of party leader Adrian Delia when still campaigning for leadership posing in a photo with Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi’s estranged wife. Julian Micallef instructed him to circulate the photo on his Facebook wall ostensibly to humiliate Jason Azzopardi who campaigned in that election for rival candidate Chris Said.

The author of the declaration said that administrators of PN-leaning Facebook groups received instructions from Julian Micallef to have him removed from the groups.

His declaration concludes with the warning that he will hold Julian Micallef responsible for any “revenge” Julian Micallef might think of inflicting on him or his family for outing him in this declaration.