No silver lining

2022-03-04T09:28:15+01:00Fri, 4th Mar '22, 09:28|

There’s nothing good about war. There’s no reason to welcome Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. Last night the Russian army bombarded Europe’s largest nuclear plant. What words are appropriate in the face of such reckless hate? Millions are being displaced. More millions are living underground as thousands are killed. The fear of an escalation to [...]

Day 12: Can the Running Man run?

2022-03-04T08:30:44+01:00Fri, 4th Mar '22, 08:30|

Photo: Newsbook It’s like one of those dinners in a Luis Buñuel film. If you’ve watched them, you know what I mean, and if you haven’t you won’t get it if I explain it. This election campaign will be as easy for Labour to win as it is easy for a hand to [...]

US Congress considering law removing countries that sell passports from visa waiver program

2022-03-04T07:25:11+01:00Fri, 4th Mar '22, 07:25|

The US Congress will consider a cross-party legislative initiative introduced jointly by Republican Congressman Burgess Owens and Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen that would ban countries that sell their citizenship, such as Malta, from the program that allows their citizens to enter the US without applying for a visa. Malta joined the United States’ visa waiver [...]

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