Abela doesn’t want you to know, but here are some things he got right

2022-03-30T16:02:44+02:00Wed, 30th Mar '22, 15:45|

Robert Abela fired two government ministers and moved another one to a dead end. All three were subjected to heavy scrutiny by the press, the opposition, civil society, and particularly by “expired” MPs that “the people don’t want” like Karol Aquilina and Jason Azzopardi among others. Ian Borg, still too politically powerful to be thrown [...]

In whose hands the keys of heaven

2022-03-30T14:34:28+02:00Wed, 30th Mar '22, 14:34|

You’ll be right to scoff at me for fussing over something relatively unimportant considering the major issues we must deal with. But it’s my blog and I’ll moan out of all sense of proportion over my own pet peeves if I want to. Times of Malta reported today that Ta’ Pinu Basilica has a new [...]

On the expiry date of politicians

2022-03-30T14:04:40+02:00Wed, 30th Mar '22, 14:04|

As a politician I expired before I was born so this is not a self-serving argument. The way people speak about people in their 40s and 50s who have been in politics for a decade as if they were senile vegetables grazing beyond the age of utility would not be acceptable in any other profession. [...]

The people have spoken. Labour says, fuck’em.

2022-03-30T11:35:46+02:00Wed, 30th Mar '22, 11:35|

The Labour Party’s decision to co-opt to Parliament on a Tuesday someone who didn’t go through the bother of contesting on a Saturday demonstrates unprecedented contempt for the ordinary power people enjoy of choosing their preferred from candidates presented to them by political parties. We have co-options because we cannot have proper bye-elections in a [...]

Stopping at two

2022-03-30T11:13:53+02:00Wed, 30th Mar '22, 11:13|

ADPD is pointing out that the number of first preference votes obtained nationwide by its candidates is greater than what the quota to declare a candidate elected on the first count would have been had there been no electoral districts. That’s because the mathematics of the quota as they are applied are that a candidate [...]

Misinterpreting Nanna Olga

2022-03-30T13:35:34+02:00Wed, 30th Mar '22, 10:31|

Political parties are required to sound humble, to speak as if they’re keen to “listen” to the messages sent to them by voters. This election brings Maltese participation rates in elections closer to European averages where voting is not compulsory and anything between 40% and 80% of the voting public casts their vote. Pundits have [...]

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