NGOs publish recommendations for media freedom and safety of journalists

2022-03-02T17:44:36+01:00Wed, 2nd Mar '22, 17:44|

NGOs Repubblika, The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, SOS Malta, and PEN Malta have published recommendations on securing press freedom and enhancing the protection of journalists on the back of conclusions by the Daphne Caruana Galizia Public Inquiry drawn up by a three-judge panel last year. The recommendations were sent today to Judge Michael Mallia who [...]

Day 10: (2) Robert’s supercazzolà

2022-03-02T17:14:00+01:00Wed, 2nd Mar '22, 17:14|

Please don’t absolve Robert Abela on grounds of incompetence or pathological stupidity. Today’s U-turn on selling Maltese citizenship to Russian oligarchs while their patron Vladimir Putin flouts international law and kills thousands of Ukrainian innocent civilians, is not the result of some intellectual inhibition that prevents our prime minister from having the shortest of foresights. [...]

WATCH: Interview with John Sweeney in Kyiv

2022-03-02T10:15:54+01:00Wed, 2nd Mar '22, 10:15|

John Sweeney is covering the war in Ukraine as a freelance journalist. Follow his reporting on his Twitter account @johnsweeneyroar. Independent journalists do not get a salary. They depend on what their readers choose to donate to cover their cost and earn a living. Support all independent journalists. You can support John Sweeney by donating [...]

While on the subject of humour

2022-03-02T09:38:42+01:00Wed, 2nd Mar '22, 09:38|

Labour has taken offence at Bernard Grech's clumsy quip that he would designate the footprint of the Labour Party's headquarters as "outside development zone" if he was prime minister. I won't bother to defend the joke, such as it is. Though I did find Ian Borg's hell fire and brimstone reaction as rather comical. Here's [...]

Day 10: (1) Round up the usual suspects

2022-03-02T09:25:41+01:00Wed, 2nd Mar '22, 09:23|

Photo: Miguela Xuereb (Newsbook) It was, I suppose, only a matter of time. A few days ago, Labour ran a campaign video that featured me as a cause of division in the PN. Now I’ve been upgraded to a billboard, alone in a row of 10 men not contesting the next general elections, [...]

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