Nice of the prime minister to find the time

2022-03-05T10:38:41+01:00Sat, 5th Mar '22, 10:38|

After days of dodging reporters, the prime minister took the time to answer reporter’s questions today. I was about to say that was a good thing. But that’s what prime ministers should be doing, especially in an election campaign they are contesting. So, saying he did a good thing to answer journalist’s questions is like [...]

Who needs Russia Today when we have Television Malta?

2022-03-05T10:03:11+01:00Sat, 5th Mar '22, 10:03|

I was caught out of step with the free speech community in the last few days. I thought banning Russia Today from Western screens was frankly a good idea. They are spreading lies masked as news and people who prefer the lies resort to what RT reports as evidence of what they imagine. That's just [...]

“At the earliest possible date”

2022-03-05T09:45:40+01:00Sat, 5th Mar '22, 09:45|

The government quoted the FATF saying the following: “At its February 2022 Plenary, the FATF made the initial determination that Malta has substantially completed its action plan and warrants an on-site visit.” As quotes go it felt short, so I looked up the FATF’s progress report on Malta. This is the text in full: In [...]

Somebody teach him Morse. Please.

2022-03-05T08:55:48+01:00Sat, 5th Mar '22, 08:55|

Someone please teach this national embarrassment Morse code, nautical flags, tom-tom, sign language, or smoke signalling. Just get him to shut up. Anġlu’s dictionary: Hard-g belligerent and civilian fructure #malta #maltafyp #ukraine #ukrainewar #parliament #national #malta🇲🇹 #politics #europe ♬ original sound - MaltaToday

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