Looking for the meaning of an untimely death

2022-03-22T16:39:30+01:00Tue, 22nd Mar '22, 16:38|

There’s a headline from Bernard Grech’s interview with Times of Malta which quotes the Opposition Leader say “Daphne will have died in vain if PL win with larger majority.” I think I know what Bernard Grech meant to say and none of it is bad, but that specific quote is not how I would have [...]

Believing oath breakers

2022-03-22T16:18:41+01:00Tue, 22nd Mar '22, 16:18|

I wrote this morning about Robert Abela collaborating in the lie of his invisible Russian tenants that claimed they lived in her Żejtun property to acquire an EU passport. Lying about where one lives is a bit of a cottage industry in Malta. Consider how many people lie about where they live in order to [...]

Thank you

2022-03-22T15:58:31+01:00Tue, 22nd Mar '22, 15:58|

A quick note of thanks if you are subscribed to this website or if you've ever donated to contribute towards the costs of keeping it up. What brought this up now? Because I want to add a special note of thanks to the people who over the last few days sent me a donation equivalent [...]


2022-03-22T09:31:15+01:00Tue, 22nd Mar '22, 09:31|

No other prime minister in the western world would have survived a fraction of the scandals Robert Abela is mired in. One of the selling points he keeps trumping is that he’s not as bad as Joseph Muscat. We don’t know quite how bad Joseph Muscat was which suggests we don’t quite know how bad [...]

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