THE SUNDAY TIMES: Bread and butter

2022-03-13T07:23:18+01:00Sun, 13th Mar '22, 07:23|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "It will be an imperative duty of this community to make sure the poor, the homeless, the people sleeping in cars and toilet-less garages, the migrants still finding their feet are sheltered from this eminently foreseeable shockwave ahead. They are a nudge away from homelessness and malnourishment [...]

Bringing out the pro-corruption vote

2022-03-13T07:14:58+01:00Sun, 13th Mar '22, 07:14|

  Good people’s capacity to seek the good in bad people is infinite. Commenters overflowing with empathy were trying to excuse Joe Debono Grech’s utterances at a Labour Party campaign event. He’s senile. He was joking. He didn’t think it through. He wasn’t speaking for the party. Joe Debono Grech is not some [...]

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