Hypothetical does not mean what Robert Abela thinks it means

2022-03-16T15:57:11+01:00Wed, 16th Mar '22, 15:57|

‘If you were to be re-elected, would you increase the budget for the military?’ That’s a hypothetical question. The question is premised on the materialisation of a circumstance that has not yet happened and that may not happen. So, if Robert Abela wanted to refuse to answer hypothetical questions he could, in theory, refuse to [...]

Waking up from the dream of a Common European Home

2022-03-16T10:54:04+01:00Wed, 16th Mar '22, 10:38|

Russia has quit the Council of Europe. Against the background of the invasion of Ukraine this might feel like a formalistic diplomatic escalation. It is more than that. The move has deep symbolic significance and none of it is good. Add to that the fact that in addition to abandoning the Council of Europe, Russia [...]

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