UPDATED: Rating the freedom and fairness of our elections

2022-03-24T10:55:16+01:00Wed, 23rd Mar '22, 11:34|

Malta’s electoral process falls short of international democratic standards. This article surveys some of those shortfalls on the eve of the 2022 general election. Freedom of expression A 3-judge inquiry found the Maltese government responsible for the environment of impunity that allowed a journalist to be killed in 2017. The inquiry’s recommendations have not been [...]

GUEST POST: A journey I did not plan

2022-03-23T08:31:42+01:00Wed, 23rd Mar '22, 08:25|

When war broke out in Ukraine, I knew I could not just sit watching it on TV, soothing my conscience with a donation, feeling I had done my part. Watching millions of people trying to escape their country and crossing the border into Poland, I recalled the many stories I had heard at long family [...]

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