2022-03-07T10:36:56+01:00Sun, 6th Mar '22, 06:57|

The thing about Konrad Mizzi finding God, presumably hiding from him inside some Dubai bank account owned by a Panama company held by a New Zealand trust, is that it doesn't matter. May he, if it pleases him, render unto God the things that are God's. In the meantime Caesar is waiting for [...]

GUEST POST: The Same Story

2022-03-06T06:20:08+01:00Sun, 6th Mar '22, 06:20|

Barely a week after Russia invaded Ukraine, the journalist John Sweeney gave an interview to Manuel Delia. Sweeney was, and still is, in Kyiv, surrounded by air raids, bombs, gunfire and shelling. Describing his experience of being the first journalist to enter the TV Tower after it was bombed, he speaks of the blood left [...]

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