Not Woman’s Day

2022-03-10T10:51:31+01:00Thu, 10th Mar '22, 10:51|

Times of Malta carries three headlines today on its court news page. “Man charged with sexually molesting estranged wife.” “Husband accused of arson attack on van of his ex’s lover.” “Had sex with a minor girl and filmed it.” Yesterday there was another report. “Rapist gets nine years in jail for ‘cowardly, inhuman’ act in [...]

It shouldn’t be this tough

2022-03-10T09:41:15+01:00Thu, 10th Mar '22, 09:41|

There was a bit of a happy ending when a Labour Party supporter posted on his Facebook post a photo with Times of Malta’s Mark Laurence Zammit to whom he had apologised after treating him aggressively on the side-lines of a Labour Party campaign event. At Labour’s event, when the guy saw Mark Laurence Zammit [...]

Underage girls with blindfolds on. Can it get worse?

2022-03-10T09:18:39+01:00Thu, 10th Mar '22, 09:18|

There’s something disturbingly dystopian about this image. As part of his election campaign, Labour candidate Ray Abela, handed out VR headsets to schoolchildren. Here he is posing in a campaign photo with a row of young pupils wearing his branded headsets. In between the covering of their eyes, and the masks down to beneath their [...]

GUEST POST: Hunting the hunters

2022-03-10T08:46:00+01:00Thu, 10th Mar '22, 08:46|

The piece is written by the same author of this other Guest Post that looked at Labour’s chase for the hunters’ vote. This post looks at what the other side is doing. The Nationalist Party never had the hunters’ vote. Most hunters always voted Labour. So, in a way it is a bit of a [...]

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