‘My friends did it’

2022-03-25T08:15:30+01:00Fri, 25th Mar '22, 08:15|

Yesterday, I posted here an image of promotional material for a Labour Party candidate that had attached to it a voucher to get free fuel from a petrol station. Newsbook chased the candidate, one Edward Cassar Delia (no relation), who said he didn’t do it. Someone else must have stapled the voucher to the advert. [...]

GUEST POST: Body bags

2022-03-25T07:38:36+01:00Fri, 25th Mar '22, 07:38|

On her third day on the Polish border with Ukraine, working as a volunteer, Clemence sent in this thought. Body bags. Unloading body bags from a van to stock for yet another trip inside war-torn Ukraine. Perhaps to my surprise I find myself developing what feel like coping mechanisms even for this situation. As we [...]

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