12 women, more or less

2022-03-10T10:56:04+01:00Mon, 7th Mar '22, 15:23|

An appeals court told Arnold Cassola today he has every right to argue in front of a lower court why the new rules ensuring women are better represented in Parliament are against the Constitution. This needs some background because the last thing Arnold Cassola is arguing is that there shouldn’t be more women in Parliament. [...]

Times editorial: Government refuses to understand role of media

2022-03-07T09:20:39+01:00Mon, 7th Mar '22, 09:20|

Do please read Times of Malta's leader today following up an a Labour Party campaign billboard that featured me who am a candidate, an official, a campaigner, or a propagandist for none of the political parties contesting the coming general election. The editorial says: "PEN Malta said it all when, reacting to the decision to [...]


2022-03-08T08:23:48+01:00Mon, 7th Mar '22, 08:21|

In June of last year Repubblika published a document calling for the enforcement of our laws to prevent corruption in general elections. Repubblika also proposed improvements to the law since parts of it were last revised before Mussolini declared war on Britain and France. Of course, our call for stricter laws was ignored by the [...]

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