The one-party system is here

2022-03-11T12:54:04+01:00Fri, 11th Mar '22, 12:54|

I’ve been speaking to people who work in advertising to try to understand the imbalance of marketing resources and capability between the two organisations we still describe “as the two main parties”. A “two-party system” implies some sort of balance and equality of arms, a neck and neck struggle where the sides take turns winning [...]

Here’s how to push back on Labour’s online bullying

2022-03-11T10:13:25+01:00Fri, 11th Mar '22, 10:13|

While the Labour Party and its candidates break the rules and flood your online space with their advertising (see this earlier article on why that’s a bad thing), Google cashes the money. They’re not going to put a stop to this unless enough people ask them. Here’s how you can do your bit. When you [...]

It’s not advertising overkill. It’s digital bullying.

2022-03-11T09:52:55+01:00Fri, 11th Mar '22, 09:52|

Every time you go to YouTube, every website that takes Google Ads, all over Facebook, mostly wherever you are online, you are repeatedly assaulted by Labour Party adverts. There are a few PN adverts on top of that. When the campaign started, we could have said that was overkill. We could think they might haveunderestimated [...]

Too busy for questions. Have time for selfies.

2022-03-11T09:21:20+01:00Fri, 11th Mar '22, 09:21|

Watch this point of view film shot by Newsbook’s Monique Agius chasing the prime minister to ask him to react to the near unanimous vote in the European Parliament calling for the abolishing of Malta’s passport sales scheme. His 4 Labour MEPs were the only Socialists to vote against the motion. At any time of [...]

Ukrainians warned Malta government will abandon them if they attend Repubblika protests for peace

2022-03-11T09:09:21+01:00Fri, 11th Mar '22, 09:09|

Members of the Ukrainian community living in Malta have told this website they have received warnings from Maltese government officials to stay away from protests for peace called by NGO Repubblika. Community leaders have received warnings that should they be seen at protests called by Repubblika outside the Russian Embassy in Kappara, or elsewhere, they [...]


2022-03-11T20:35:37+01:00Fri, 11th Mar '22, 08:43|

I had an uncredited cameo appearance at yesterday leaders’ debate at university. It wasn’t so much an appearance as it was a mention. The moderator, Yasmine Ellul (the star turn of the event) asked the leaders about the implementation of the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry recommendations. In that context Bernard Grech referred to the now [...]

Ovine mantras

2022-03-11T08:25:50+01:00Fri, 11th Mar '22, 08:25|

Photo: Lovin Malta There were various opinions about who might have done better in yesterday’s leaders’ debate at university. But there’s no controversy over who did worst. Most of the audience was often on its feet, arms raised, shouting Viva l-Lejber like the audience of the daily newsreels in 1984. At the sight [...]

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