Rushing to fulfil Labour’s prophesies

2022-03-28T14:03:48+02:00Mon, 28th Mar '22, 14:03|

Some people are quick to accuse others of being elitist when those others point out how their predictable response to stimuli plays out just as expected. While recriminations and lamentations over the election results pile up, coming from people apparently unembarrassed to admit their surprise at the results, the notion that, of all people, the [...]

Letter from a reader

2022-03-28T11:06:26+02:00Mon, 28th Mar '22, 11:06|

Dear Mr. Delia I hope this email finds you well, as well as can be after yesterday, I guess. I know you are very busy and I am not expecting a reply as such. But after yesterday, I feel the need to contact you, share my thoughts. I have followed you for the past 4.5 [...]

Playing foul

2022-03-28T08:36:42+02:00Mon, 28th Mar '22, 08:25|

It was never about who would win or lose the election, was it? Although, in spite of all the surveys confirming each other, some people still managed to develop false hopes. It was always about whether Robert Abela would succeed in his mission of holding and beating Joseph Muscat’s numbers. He succeeded. He played most [...]

GUEST POST: Coordinating efforts

2022-03-28T07:45:25+02:00Mon, 28th Mar '22, 07:45|

Another post by my wife from the Polish border with Ukraine. It only takes a few days of observation to understand that humanitarian help to millions of Ukrainian refugees here in Poland has just been a miracle. Millions have crossed the borders, and have been helped to find temporary shelters, accommodation and transport to other [...]

GUEST POST: Ġaħan did it again

2022-03-28T07:16:54+02:00Mon, 28th Mar '22, 07:16|

“In a democracy, the people end up with the government and leaders they deserve." - Joseph De Maistre As predicted, Labour is again in power with a bigger majority. In spite of all the scandals and sleaze, the majority of the Maltese voted for continuity of corruption, of shady deals with known criminals and for [...]

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