Joe Debono Grech is no blast from the past. He’s a staffer in Robert Abela’s office.

2022-03-17T11:18:08+01:00Thu, 17th Mar '22, 11:17|

The games they play. First, they got Joe Debono Grech to glorify corruption, if it is Labour Party corruption because they can profit from Labour Party corruption but not from any other corruption. Having secured the sympathy and support of those for whom corruption is a job requirement for the politicians they choose to vote [...]

“We know what we’re doing,” is not reassuring

2022-03-17T11:00:15+01:00Thu, 17th Mar '22, 11:00|

There were unsubtle differences yesterday in responses given by the prime minister and the finance minister to an identical question put to them by Newsbook. When Robert Abela was asked if he was considering revising growth projections after war broke out in Ukraine, he fell back on his stump speech on why Malta’s deficit has [...]

How many elections must Labour win before they stop blaming Gonzi’s government for their mess?

2022-03-17T09:06:39+01:00Thu, 17th Mar '22, 09:06|

Look at this headline and unwind the logical knot in what Robert Abela is saying. He was fielding questions from the press challenging Labour’s self-proclaimed newfound love for Malta’s environment and their vocation to protect it. He can’t ask anyone to ignore the greedy over-development that has taken over both islands over the past 10 [...]

A thousand unread promises

2022-03-17T08:46:21+01:00Thu, 17th Mar '22, 08:46|

Robert Abela spent days mocking the PN for missing the qualifier “not” in one of its electoral manifesto proposals. The PN were referring to one of the droves of subsidies they were promising to keep, and they said they ‘would remove’ them when they meant to say they ‘would not remove’ them. I’m simplifying but [...]

GUEST POST: Vote for a Sustainable Malta

2022-03-16T11:59:57+01:00Thu, 17th Mar '22, 08:00|

Extinction Rebellion Malta is an environmental organisation that strives to inform both the public and the governing bodies on the importance of preserving our local natural environment for present and future generations to enjoy. We do this by raising awareness on the threat posed by climate change and ecological degradation by means of having informational [...]

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