With your eyes on Monday morning

2022-03-24T16:50:33+01:00Thu, 24th Mar '22, 16:50|

Polls at the end of the campaign by and large yield the same figures of polls before the campaign started. The consistent results in surveys conducted by different analysts reinforce each other and the confidence that they are correct. Whether Robert Abela manages to increase the record gap over the PN that Joseph Muscat secured [...]

“Jobs mal-Gvern”: Dozens of Gozitans signed full-time public sector contracts today

2022-03-24T16:47:54+01:00Thu, 24th Mar '22, 16:27|

This website is informed that General Workers’ Union officials contacted this morning dozens of Gozitan voters ostensibly to give them a “job interview”. Within minutes of these fake interviewers, these voters were offered a full-time permanent employment contract under the community work scheme run by the union. Dozens of contracts were signed on the spot [...]

This is no European democracy

2022-03-24T15:29:02+01:00Thu, 24th Mar '22, 15:29|

You look at the picture above, the brazen normality with which this thing is received, and you realise just how far our so-called democracy has eroded. A candidate sends his potential voters money in the form of a petrol voucher to encourage them to vote for him. This is not just pathetic. It's not just [...]

English, Maltese, and maths no longer required to go to Junior College

2022-03-24T12:08:23+01:00Thu, 24th Mar '22, 12:08|

Entry requirements to join the University’s Junior College have been eased to allow students to join the high school considered as the pathway to university education without a certificate in English or mathematics. The old requirement of a pass in Maltese or one of three sciences (physics, chemistry, or biology) has also been scrapped. Requirements [...]

When judges won’t judge

2022-03-24T10:59:28+01:00Thu, 24th Mar '22, 10:59|

I’ve had to update the post I published yesterday surveying matters in which our electoral process falls short of international standards because a new shortfall I was never aware of emerged over the day. The court yesterday rejected a plea from the Nationalist Party that wanted the early vote conducted inside the prisons cancelled and [...]

GUEST POST: This shit is real

2022-03-24T09:58:15+01:00Thu, 24th Mar '22, 09:56|

My wife, Clemence, continues her diary of her trip to the Polish border with Ukraine. Her first entry is linked here. You only need a few hours driving from place to place here to realise just how real is real. Nothing one sees on TV or reads online can give the true feeling of what [...]

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