‘I’m too genuine,’ Rosianne Cutajar says

2022-03-15T11:02:53+01:00Tue, 15th Mar '22, 10:20|

A staged interview asked Rosianne Cutajar what she thought her worst defect was.   Here’s a list of things she didn’t mention. Shagging a business tycoon and accepting his gifts even though damning evidence emerged that he bribed politicians to get public contracts. Collecting a hefty commission from a property sale (involving the [...]

This is no villa war. This is us, idiotically answering Robert Abela’s greedy prayers.

2022-03-15T08:57:12+01:00Tue, 15th Mar '22, 08:57|

Malta Today’s James Debono yesterday published an analysis of the planning permit of the Żejtun country villa Robert Abela owns outside the development zone. And yet the front pages of today’s newspapers and websites are about Bernard Grech explaining why he had details about his villa in a Mosta residential street sanctioned by the PA. [...]

They’ve thought of everything

2022-03-15T07:30:31+01:00Tue, 15th Mar '22, 07:30|

By the time the apparatchiks at the Labour Party had reached number 964 in their record-breaking list of electoral promises, they must have felt the target of 1,000 was unreachable. You know the phrase they threw everything but the kitchen sink? Perhaps they held back on the sink, but you'll be comforted to know they [...]

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