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WATCH: Deborah Schembri on the need to punish journalists for speaking freely

2017-10-17T23:46:13+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 23:46|

Deborah Schembri went on Labour’s TV station to say journalists who go “beyond a certain limit” must be punished. https://www.facebook.com/andre.camilleri/videos/10155985726153689/ Deborah Schembri, you do not understand freedom of speech. You do not understand democracy. The right of the freedom of expression is the right to cause offence, particularly to people of power, particularly to [...]

CORRIERE DELLA SERA: The treasure island does a Corleone

2017-10-17T23:33:36+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 23:33|

No one recognises better what has happened to our country than our Italian neighbours. I urge you to follow the commentaries and insights on the Italian media. Italian journalists are observing the signs of the times in this country and they understand Malta today better than we do. This chilling report by the Corriere della [...]

Refuting the official story

2017-10-17T19:58:35+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 17:05|

Investigators are cautious and they will advise us to wait for conclusions. But we have seen that formula being used before. Why is Jimmy Magro not arraigned a year after the facts became known? The official story is the police is still investigating. Why has Edward Caruana not been booked for corruption and money laundering? [...]

The shame

2017-10-17T12:19:44+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 12:19|

Here is the filth, the rot, the venom at the very heart of our nation. Here is the hate that politicians and journalists have cultivated over months and years against the only one in this country who would stand up and speak out without seeking personal advantage and reward. This Ramon Mifsud is a recently [...]

The investigation that should be happening

2017-10-17T11:59:44+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 11:59|

While we wait for an investigation into yesterday’s assassination, there’s another inquiry which should be underway and it should not be conducted by the police. What did the police know about threats to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s life? What did they do about it? Someone from outside the police force must right away fall on the [...]

There are crooks everywhere you look.

2017-10-17T10:24:33+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 10:24|

The first rule of a crime scene investigation is to preserve the evidence. But yesterday’s assassination is a microcosm of a bigger conspiracy. Daphne Caruana Galizia was the foremost investigator in the country. She uncovered malfeasance, graft, corruption and the organised crime that is around us. She published much but she published what could be [...]

The wall of rubber

2017-10-17T08:59:02+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 08:59|

Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera yesterday summoned to her court Peter Caruana Galizia and Matthew Caruana Galizia, husband and son of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Hours after the assassination of their wife and mother they were dragged to court. They were made to wait for hours in the court lobby, there to face two of the people [...]

Matthew Caruana Galizia on the assassination of his mother

2017-10-17T08:39:45+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 08:39|

Matthew Caruana Galizia inherits too soon the chalice of courage in the face of despair, of standing alone in front of the power of a state taken over by corruption and organised crime. Please read his Facebook post from this morning. His remarks this morning are not just grief, anger and despair. They are that. [...]

WATCH: Roberto Saviano on Daphne’s assassination: organised crime is the ally of corruption

2017-10-17T09:12:08+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 00:49|

Watch this interview with renowned Italian journalist Roberto Saviano reacting to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Roberto Saviano interviewed by La Repubblica Consider the intuitive reflections of one of the foremost experts on the Gomorrah about the natural relationship between corruption and organised crime and how we must start to understand this assassination in [...]

Why has the Police Minister not resigned yet?

2017-10-17T00:38:14+02:00Tue, 17th Oct '17, 00:38|

A full ten hours after the first targeted political assassination in Maltese political history and our law enforcement agencies and their political masters have not yet assumed any form of responsibility for their outrageous failure to provide security for the most obvious target for organised crime and institutionalised corruption. When Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog would [...]

Stand up to be counted

2017-10-16T18:16:34+02:00Mon, 16th Oct '17, 18:16|

Daphne is never coming back. But we are left here. This country and this democracy is what we are left with. Living among us are people who think they can get away with murdering a journalist. They think so because of the things Daphne Caruana Galizia explained to us so clearly: the police will not [...]


2017-10-16T16:39:22+02:00Mon, 16th Oct '17, 16:32|

I wrote a few days ago that the problem with Daphne Caruana Galizia was there was only one of her. Now she’s there no more. I wrote “Reading what otherwise sensible people are writing on Facebook about ‘shutting Daphne up’, ‘sweeping the blogger away’ and other frankly horrific notions reveals a stunning democratic immaturity. I [...]


2017-10-16T08:22:47+02:00Mon, 16th Oct '17, 08:22|

The Times reports police are sitting on incriminating evidence of serious fraud committed by the Education Minister’s former canvasser. If any of these episodes go unobserved, unremarked and unopposed they become the new normal. We will get desensitised and worse will be allowed. We can no longer rely on the parliamentary opposition to bring these crimes, of action or of [...]

Freedom from conscience

2017-10-13T11:56:48+02:00Fri, 13th Oct '17, 11:56|

The Catholic Church’s reaction to the budget should not go unnoticed. The fact that it passes in silence is because many of us would rather ignore our conscience than feel it prick. You can criticise the Church for many things, but it has one thing going for it: it is remarkably consistent. It is clear [...]

Deficit of the soul

2017-10-11T17:04:10+02:00Wed, 11th Oct '17, 17:04|

Malta Today’s screaming headline that the government’s own estimates were not showing the much vaunted surplus the government was promoting caused some head scratching. After clarifying the matter with the Finance Ministry, Malta Today explained that government will be able to report a surplus in their general accounts once they can report revenue from the [...]

Un unico destino

2017-10-09T14:26:27+02:00Mon, 9th Oct '17, 14:26|

Today’s L’Espresso previews a documentary film “Un Unico Destino” that will be broadcast for the first time this Sunday on the Italian Sky Atlantic. The film will tell the story of how an Italian frigate hid from view 60 miles south of Lampedusa ignoring repeated calls from a Maltese rescue plane to save 270 people [...]

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