“In a democracy, the people end up with the government and leaders they deserve.”

– Joseph De Maistre

As predicted, Labour is again in power with a bigger majority. In spite of all the scandals and sleaze, the majority of the Maltese voted for continuity of corruption, of shady deals with known criminals and for arrogance. Ġaħan has learned nothing and thanked Robert Abela and friends for handing them a €100 cheque, by voting them into power again. Edward Zammit Lewis was finally proved right about one thing – calling the Labour supporters Ġaħan.

Today Robert Abela will take the oath as prime minister. Soon after, he will announce the new cabinet and as promised he will be looking at the future. His Żejtun villa, the millions of euro he managed to amass, the direct orders from government ministries and institutions paid to party funders, will be swept under the carpet for another five years and will be things of the past. As will his dealings with Christian Borg and the Maksars. He can continue to rent his villa to Russian oligarchs when and if the opportunity arises. He perfectly incarnates the PL’s last election billboard: ‘Il-Futur Sabiħ’. Indeed.

Chris Fearne will be there too, despite Robert Abela’s tactics, as deputy prime minister and minister of health. His close friend, her daughter and his son will continue to enjoy their contracts, earning tens of thousands of euro paid by the tax payer. Chris Fearne will continue to pay Stewart Health Care millions of euro every year and get nothing in return.

Rosianne Cutajar, endorsed by none other than Robert Musumeci and Joseph Muscat, failed to grab a seat at the first try. But, notwithstanding the chastisement of the Council of Europe’s Rules Committee which found her guilty of ‘a serious breach’ will again be in Parliament and will be given a ministry of parliamentary secretariat. But she will definitely not refund the €28,000 she was given after she resigned due to breaching ethics.

Clayton Bartolo will have more time to compile the costings of the Film Awards and explain how he spent more than €2 million for the event. Most probably he will tell us that the millions of euro were well spent as we will be expecting blockbusters lining up to film in Malta as a result.

Ian Borg as infrastructure minister will continue his war against anything green and will continue to destroy trees and widening roads, while Transport Malta will continue to dish out millions worth of direct orders to friendly contractors.

Gozitan Anton Refalo will keep his milestone and Carmelo Abela will breathe a sigh of relief now that the HSBC 2010 heist will be kept at bay.

The distribution of free loaves a couple of days before the general election had the desired effect and Silvio Schembri was elected to Parliament and is expected to be named minister for the economy again. His track record is impressive. After successfully establishing Malta as the blockchain island, Silvio Schembri, with the invaluable support of his wife, will focus on establishing a B2B eMarketplace which will focus on servicing businesses across the European Union and beyond.

Minister of Finance Clyde Caruana having secured another mandate will be considering raising taxes to try and limit the deficit and to pay the over €10 billion national debt. I have no doubt that prices of electricity and fuel will rise because ‘of the war in Ukraine’. And the cost of living will rise because of Vladimir Putin.

The Police Commissioner will continue to drag his feet against the corrupt politicians who landed Malta in the FATF’s grey list. He will be ably assisted by the Attorney General who will do her best to accommodate criminals by entering plea bargains. Joseph Muscat will be assured that no criminal action will be taken against him, as Keith Schembri and John Dalli will be treated with kid gloves. Michelle will continue to flout her Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton handbags and Valentine pumps.

The Planning Authority will continue to rape Malta’s environment by issuing permits to the likes of Joe Portelli, repaying him for his donation to the PL election campaign. Abortion and euthanasia will be legalised even though they were not included in the more than 1000 proposals published by the PL a week before the election.

And Ġaħan will be happy to greet Robert Abela at St George’s Square chanting ‘viva l-labour’ and ‘grazzi prim.’