Josef Caruana says he wants to be an MEP to compensate for the nasty Nationalists who make Malta look bad in the world.

Let’s just look at Josef Caruana’s own record, shall we? And we’ll stick to the highlights.

Josef Caruana was the editor of the General Workers’ Union’s l-orizzont. The Malta Independent flattered him yesterday by saying he belonged to the “newspaper industry”. He really belonged to the state propaganda industry but let’s not get stuck with adjectives.

When he was editor he wrote the following words:

The people have said NO to hate blogging and to those so-called journalists dictated to by the Nationalist agenda of hate. We have seen the weakness of spineless journalists happy to ride the bandwagon, with hate in place of wind in their sails, such as Daphne Caruana Galizia, Ivan Camilleri, Jacob Borg, Mario Frendo, Neil Camilleri and Pierre Portelli. These and others, that had more personal agendas, such as Joe Borg and David Thake, must bow their heads to the verdict and vanish from journalism. The people have spoken and chosen: they must be respected. The people teach you and the people remove you.

“This is the time for the snakes to stop feeding poison to our people. Now is the time for unity and reconciliation. Before this happens, there must be cleansing. This is how we continue our way to the best of times”.

A few days after this piece of fascist intimidation was written, Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed.

His writing, in Maltese, did not immediately feature in the world’s Google searches. I obligingly translated the text for him and that’s when Josef Caruana began helping Malta look good in the world.

His employer, the General Workers’ Union, could not bring itself to defend anyone writing about “cleansing” and “removal” and “vanishing” of journalists.

He left. His next employer? Joseph Muscat, of course. He engaged him to his personal staff.

Whilst preaching unity and tolerance with flowers in his hair, Joseph Muscat recruited on his personal staff this journalist-cleansing fascist.

Who goes on to start an on line petition asking the Pope to remove the Archbishop on the back of a piece of fake news he invented.

Joseph Muscat clarified that Josef Caruana’s on line hate campaign against Charles Scicluna did not reflect government policy. Did he fire him? Did he ask him to resign? Did he feel lucky, punk?

He approves his nomination as Labour Party candidate for the European Parliament.

Now the world has an image of Malta run by a government of journalist-cleansing fascists who are willing to lie to get the Archbisop removed.

Josef Caruana’s mission is to make the rest of us look good. Fine job of it he’s doing.