At last Alfred Sant’s call has been heard.

Labour is summoning the crowds to gather in Valletta in large numbers and intimidate Peter, Matthew, Andrew and Paul Caruana Galizia for the vicious crime of having their mother burnt and torn to shreds. They’ll say this on line poster is not official Labour communication. They’re lying.

In the meantime the police who did not interview Chris Cardona when they knew he spoke to one of the men they accuse of murdering Daphne Caruana Galizia before and after her killing, have summoned Simon Busuttil to a police interview.

The crime? His partner used a car registered in his name to drive to Valletta to stick posters mocking the prime minister and challenging him to answer allegations of corruption.

They’ll say the police act autonomously from political interference. They’re lying.

There will be massive crowds on the 1st of May, many times larger than any gathering demanding justice for Daphne and justice for Malta.

There will be police action to investigate suspicions of protest action using posters. There will be no police action to investigate the commissioning of a political assassination.

The world is watching and this is what they see.

We are lost. Truly lost.