Journalists are only as good as their sources.

The Daphne Project has already gone farther than anyone has in revealing issues that anywhere civilised would have brought about dismissals, resignations and major, major changes.

The 17 Black revelations alone should be unsurvivable. Having lied to Parliaments, lied to the media, lied to the public; having accused a journalist of lying right up to her death and then accused her of lying after when it then again emerges she was absolutely on the ball; having set themselves up to receive bribes and clean the money out: what more do people need to decide this is serious?

Well there’s no doubt there’s more we don’t know and there’s more the Daphne Project does not know.

Journalists only find out what they learn from people who are in situations and places where they come across information on wrongdoing.

Maria Efimova was pouring coffees, filing papers, delivering envelopes and forwarding calls when she came across information on Ilham Aliyev’s children, the dos Santos family of Angola, Brexit’s Chandler and others. She happened to be a smart, righteous, courageous woman who would not let the stuff she saw go buy.

She spoke to a journalist and that led to a collapse of an edifice of corruption. The bank’s owner is in jail. The bank is winding down. Those complicit in these crimes are now facing consequences.

She sufferred consequences as well for her honesty. But she says it’s worth the trouble. She sleeps well at night. Her spirit is light. Her conscience is clear.

Someone reading this may know things that burden their conscience. They are privy to information that could help reveal the truth and seek justice. No one promises it is easy. But journalists are professionally bound to protect the identity of their sources come what may.

This is why Matthew Caruana Galizia says if he knew where his mother’s laptop was he’d rather risk arrest and burn it in front of the police than hand over to them the means for them to reach their sources.

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