This tweet shows a small anthology of exasperated Italian mayors trying to get people to realise that after 5,600 people were killed by coronavirus anyone could be next.

One of the mayor complains rather wittily about people ordering their hairdresser to come round to their house because the shops have been on lockdown for two weeks.

“What the fuck are you getting the hairdresser home for? Do you understand that the casket will be closed? Who the fuck is even supposed to see you under the casket lid?”

When it is time to laugh again we can consider awarding some people Darwin Awards for their contribution to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool by their own actions.

And a special award would go to Members of Parliament who, by their own exclusion, contribute to the improvement of the intellectual average of our representative chamber.

This is Etienne Grech: Member of Parliament and a medical doctor. And someone who has that sort of sense of humour humanity will do better without.