A quick note of thanks if you are subscribed to this website or if you’ve ever donated to contribute towards the costs of keeping it up. What brought this up now? Because I want to add a special note of thanks to the people who over the last few days sent me a donation equivalent to the government’s “stimulus” cheques.

One donor told me today: “I received an unsolicited cheque for €200, signed by the Prime Minister. I am forwarding that amount to you in the belief  that you will be able to make the best use of that money in your fight against corruption.”

In this respect at least the government’s wasteful propaganda exercise at the public’s expense is creating stimulus indeed, just not what the government intended.

So, once again, whatever your cause is, thank you for putting wasted money to good use. Thank you especially for supporting independent media. And thank you if you remember to include this website as well.

Robert Abela will be surprised to find he’ll find us sniffing around his ankles next week as well as last.