2017-10-27T00:03:36+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 23:56|

Here's Tony Zarb this evening, apparently overwhelmed by the sight of a hundred women protesting against his great leader. "Good evening Friends. These went to the wrong place. Instead of Castille they meant to go to Strait Street and travel back to the 1960s. They would have gone to the right place because they have [...]

Free speech, Labour style

2017-10-26T20:49:12+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 20:47|

Here is Matthew Carbone, number two in the communications office of the government of Malta. He's the coconut's deputy so I suppose that makes him the walnut. He's not there to show his grief at the brutal assassination of a journalist. He's not there to speak to protesters on behalf of government about its commitment [...]

Women for women for Malta #occupycastille

2017-10-26T17:25:31+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 19:30|

The following is a transcript of the statement by the women protesting in Castille now. #occupyjustice statement We are an ever-increasing non-partisan group of women from all walks of life. We are concerned for our future and that of our children. This is not the Malta we recognise, not the Malta we want to leave [...]

Ranier Fsadni on justified anger

2017-10-26T17:01:50+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 17:01|

Read this piece by Ranier Fsadni in this morning's The Times. He throws a light on the wide gap between institutions that are failing us and an angry, disenchanted, disenfranchised portion of the population facing the ironic ire of the Labour regime reprimanding us for feeling the most natural reaction of all: anger.

Wheels within wheels

2017-10-27T09:16:18+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 16:08|

The assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia should not be investigated by Minister Justyne Caruana's husband. This is not just the unacceptably close political association. Nor even the revolting incest across institutions that should be independent of each other. It is that we cannot realistically hope all leads are investigated with detachment while he is running [...]

Putting on a brave face

2017-10-27T09:15:25+02:00Thu, 26th Oct '17, 14:46|

The prime minister and the government are doing everything they can to project an image of business as usual. To their loyal local audience that’s not too much of a challenge. Their puppet masters got them to deny their own humanity and continue the hate campaign against Daphne Caruana Galizia exactly where it had left [...]

Here are the stories Pilatus Bank does not want you to read

2017-10-26T08:21:13+02:00Wed, 25th Oct '17, 16:35|

The Times and Malta Today acknowledged removing from or editing a number of old reports on their on-line archive relating to Pilatus Bank. They did not do so after seeing any evidence that persuaded them they were mistaken the first time round. They did so because they were threatened with ruinous law-suits (SLAPPs as they [...]

#occupyjustice #occupycastille

2017-10-25T14:10:18+02:00Wed, 25th Oct '17, 14:10|

This is making the rounds: We are an ever-increasing non-partisan group of women from all walks of life. We are concerned for our future and that of our children. This is not the Malta we recognise, not the Malta we want to leave behind. Following the horrendous assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, many are now [...]

Put up or shut up

2017-10-28T06:29:27+02:00Wed, 25th Oct '17, 09:33|

It is no secret that six weeks into his role as PN chief, Adrian Delia has not managed to align his parliamentary group behind him. It is unclear from the outside what the extent of the resistance is but it feels considerable. It did not start out well for Adrian Delia. But the death of [...]

GUEST POST: On Pilatus Bank

2017-10-25T07:51:30+02:00Wed, 25th Oct '17, 07:51|

As Pilatus Bank embarks this week on another one of its charm offensives, read here Godfrey Leone Ganado's summing up of the facts: The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit carried out an on-site examination between 15 March and 22 March 2016 to primarily focus on the measures in place within the Bank to deal with clients who [...]

NORMAN VELLA: PBS killed Daphne all over again

2017-10-25T06:29:23+02:00Tue, 24th Oct '17, 23:26|

I wanted to write about this at length but Norman Vella posted on Newsbook and I couldn't have said it better. Saying we're back to the 1980s is a bit of a cliche' perhaps. Episodes like this, when the national broadcaster headed by Labour stooge Reno Bugeja, ignores the European Parliament's earth-moving reprimand and looks [...]

Europe mourns Daphne; Muscat sells passports in Dubai

2017-10-25T16:38:44+02:00Tue, 24th Oct '17, 23:01|

This too is what makes us a Mafia state. This utter depletion of a sense of propriety. This complete ambivalence to the duty of the political class and the heads of our institutions to lead the people in times of national crisis. This callous pretense of business as usual when the grief is still so [...]

The openings for the Mafia

2017-10-24T19:26:31+02:00Tue, 24th Oct '17, 19:26|

Rosy Bindi's anti-mafia commission from the Italian parliament, even without the rather keen Senator Mario Michele Giarruso in tow, confirmed what we all knew: Malta is deeply exposed to the laundering of moneys by Italian mafia syndicates. It's not just Italians of course but from the Italian parliamentarians' point of view that's what matters most. [...]

SLAPP this

2017-11-09T23:19:33+01:00Tue, 24th Oct '17, 12:09|

Here is a report in the archives of The Times reporting that FIAU says shortcomings in Pilatus no longer subsist. It is a new version that replaces older versions of the story appearing in print and on line last September. The changes were made after lawyers for Pilatus Bank threatened them with a multi-million dollar [...]

Pilatus Bank bullies the local press. We will not be silenced.

2017-10-24T23:25:55+02:00Tue, 24th Oct '17, 11:23|

Lawyers for Pilatus Bank have fallen on the leading independent news organisations here in Malta threatening them with ruinous law suits in the United States unless they remove reams of stories on Pilatus Bank from their archives. I am informed The Times has considered legal advice and has replaced two of its archived, now deleted, [...]

GUEST POST: Let’s call a spade a bloody shovel

2017-10-24T10:32:37+02:00Tue, 24th Oct '17, 10:32|

Needless to say the views of the author are his own. by Conservative Some may recognise my pseudonym from Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Running Commentary. Whether it is recognised or not is not important, the army of foot soldiers bringing along their piddly jigsaw pieces, including me, was not important in itself. It was Daphne who [...]

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