Your Justice Minister is working hard for you

2021-02-17T10:46:46+01:00Wed, 17th Feb '21, 10:46|

When you hear arguments about why it's a great thing that our government ministers are also MPs seeking re-election, look at these photos. Did you think your Justice Minister was working hard to implement the rule of law reforms this country needs to become a place when you can hope for timely justice? Think again. [...]

Commission on “important shortcomings” in application of Maltese anti-money laundering law

2021-02-17T10:00:13+01:00Wed, 17th Feb '21, 10:00|

The European Commission has told the petitions committee of the European Parliament that “it fully shares the assessment made public by the Council of Europe, which found important shortcomings in the manner in which the Maltese criminal legal framework is applied in practice”. But in spite of these concerns the European Commission says it cannot [...]


2021-02-17T09:16:30+01:00Wed, 17th Feb '21, 09:16|

There’s been some backlash at the point I made that appointing a party crony to the governership of Finance Malta was just the sort of nepotistic partisanship that is harming this country’s chances of having a future to speak of. The argument was twisted to the point that Carlos Zarb’s defenders claimed and that any [...]

We’re not done

2021-02-16T09:19:35+01:00Tue, 16th Feb '21, 09:19|

?40 long months of no justice for #DaphneCaruanaGalizia. But we will never, ever give up. ? Vigil for Truth & Justice ⏰ 7.00 p.m. ?Great Siege Square, Valletta. ▶️ Follow Live ? online on our Facebook [email protected] @Manwel_Delia ? by @Tanti_Burlo — repubblika ?? (@repubblikaMT) February 16, 2021

‘I did not do the business with Yorgen Fenech’

2021-02-16T08:56:59+01:00Tue, 16th Feb '21, 08:56|

What does it take to displease Robert Abela? In Parliament yesterday he was seen having a lengthy chat with Rosianne Cutajar. It wasn’t the sort of frowning exchange of officious concerns or the whipping into place prime ministers sometimes publicly inflict on their wayward ministers to impress people with how tough he is. The show [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Let’s all come together

2021-02-14T07:21:16+01:00Sun, 14th Feb '21, 07:21|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Being Maltese means living in Malta, whatever your faith or whether you have any; whatever your race if you even belong to one; wherever it was that you were born; as long as you’re committed to fundamental values: not imqaret or nar tal-art. "Try truth, solidarity, compassion, [...]

GUEST POST: No chokehold

2021-02-11T14:52:39+01:00Thu, 11th Feb '21, 12:16|

Sent in by someone known to me. In the past days, Labour Party media channels and subservient others reported as if it were a journalistic scoop, a meeting between Ray Bezzina, a Nationalist Party functionary, and Richard Cachia Caruana. The latter’s very long service to the country and the Nationalist Party has earned him respect [...]

The Nationalist Party too is accountable

2021-02-11T12:46:45+01:00Thu, 11th Feb '21, 10:59|

Some of us never had any doubt but Lovin Malta’s strip-tease reporting confirms the long-held suspicion that Pierre Portelli, as one of the most senior employees of the PN, colluded with Yorgen Fenech to plant stories on media that supports the Labour Party. Pierre Portelli appears to have asked Yorgen Fenech – publicly known then [...]

The animals in our midst

2021-02-11T09:35:38+01:00Thu, 11th Feb '21, 09:35|

Putting this out there precisely because it does not make for pleasant reading. It is a mirror facing our society, an indictment of our education system, and a reminder why in the face of all appeals for national unity, our first priority as human beings is to first think of our own responsibilities as individuals. [...]

New electric car owners can’t use EU-funded charging stations

2021-02-09T14:20:27+01:00Tue, 9th Feb '21, 14:20|

People buying new electric cars are being prevented from subscribing to use roadside electric vehicle charging stations, this website understands. All but a handful of harbour-side stations allow subscribers to charge their cars against payment which is charged to their accounts. But the operator of the charging stations confirmed to this website they are unable [...]

The only qualification? Laburist.

2021-02-09T09:24:46+01:00Tue, 9th Feb '21, 07:56|

Finance Malta is an organisation that brings together commercial interests in the financial services industry and the government to promote Malta as a financial services destination. They have their work cut out for them. They have to convince the world this is not Panama, although what the rest of the world hears about this country [...]

PODCAST: Beware Euromythology. Watch out for Raphael Vassallo.

2021-02-08T11:32:31+01:00Mon, 8th Feb '21, 11:32|

Manuel Delia · Beware Euromyths. Watch Out For Raphael Vassallo. Raphael Vassallo has already dragged me to court on one thing so I know I’m poking some sort of sleepy dragon here but his article about “Britain poaching our nurses” because of the UK’s supposedly advantageous status as a non-EU member state is composed of [...]

Did the security services also tell him to do that?

2021-02-08T07:58:04+01:00Mon, 8th Feb '21, 07:58|

As I see it, the significance of Times of Malta’s story yesterday that as late as March 2019 Joseph Muscat was brokering international business deals for Yorgen Fenech, is not only in how revolting the fact in itself is. It should also dissolve any remaining doubts in his inveterate fans’ minds that still prefer to [...]

Adrian Delia’s 500,000 for charity, like everything he’s ever promised, never materialised

2021-02-07T08:37:33+01:00Sat, 6th Feb '21, 16:42|

It must surprise no one, not even, if he could be honest with himself, Adrian Delia, that Adrian Delia’s big cheque for 500,000 euro for the Dar tal-Providenza bounced. I believe the technical term is dishonoured cheque, and how appropriate that adjective is. I would say that the managers, volunteers and beneficiaries of the great [...]

The sign is hardly the problem, Byron Camilleri

2021-02-05T16:00:12+01:00Fri, 5th Feb '21, 11:57|

Byron Camilleri said today he ordered the removal of a sign put up in prison by its director Alex Dalli that told prison staff they must teach “fear” to prisoners. Byron Camilleri said he “learned of the existence of this notice in (his) first few days as home affairs minister, and (he) had taken steps [...]

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