Sweet, sweet deal

2021-02-24T11:02:58+01:00Wed, 24th Feb '21, 11:02|

Perhaps the strongest case for the argument that the institutions of this country do not work the way they should, was Robert Abela’s press conference yesterday. In this post, Alessandra Dee Crespo, brought up the sense of deja vu we felt watching it. She matched yesterday’s charade with the press conference Joseph Muscat had given [...]

Someone has finally accepted responsibility for killing Daphne Caruana Galizia. But we’re miles away from justice.

2021-02-23T14:20:10+01:00Tue, 23rd Feb '21, 14:20|

  Vincent Muscat, il-Koħħu, has admitted in open court that he was one of those who killed Daphne Caruana Galizia. He will now face punishment which has been mitigated on the back of his agreement to turn state evidence against other co-conspirators in this murder and perhaps in other cases he was involved in. This [...]

Unhappy brother in law

2021-02-23T10:41:09+01:00Tue, 23rd Feb '21, 10:41|

The prime minister’s wife, Lydia Abela, describes herself as a “Politician” on her Facebook page. In a democracy politicians get their jobs by election, appointment or employment, not by marriage. But there it is. She put this post up on Facebook saying that her political work (what work?) is based on a commitment to be [...]

Owen Bonnici complains

2021-02-23T09:49:57+01:00Tue, 23rd Feb '21, 09:49|

The following is a letter I received from a lawyer acting for Owen Bonnici. The response from my lawyer follows beneath. Mr. Delia, WITHOUT PREJUDICE I am writing to you as instructed by my client the Hon. Minister Owen Bonnici in connection with your administration of your webpage manueldelia.com, in particular with reference to the comments [...]

“Malta is waiting for you”

2021-02-22T11:23:58+01:00Mon, 22nd Feb '21, 11:23|

Five years ago today, Daphne Caruana Galizia published a post about New Zealand lamb planned for slaughter in Easter. It was the dawn of the Panama Papers scandal. ? #OTD 2016, #DaphneCaruanaGalizia teased us with this cryptic post. We didn't know what it meant, but @KonradMizzi & @keithaschembri knew. 5 down the line, both crooks [...]

Refugium Peccatorum

2021-02-22T10:23:22+01:00Mon, 22nd Feb '21, 10:23|

In opposition, Labour used to kick up much fuss about “Nationalists”, skużi, being recruited as ‘journalists’ at TVM. Having worked for Net in the past or somehow displayed anything but antipathy to the PN proved, as Labour saw it, the structural anti-opposition bias in the public broadcaster. I’m not going to suggest they were wrong. Only [...]

GUEST POST: Actually, we can handle the truth.

2021-02-22T07:48:31+01:00Mon, 22nd Feb '21, 07:48|

It will come as a little surprise to anyone who knows me that one of my favourite films is ‘A Few Good Men’. Set within the military justice system of the US Navy and US Marine Corps, it pits Tom Cruise’s Lieutenant (JG) Kaffee against the granite-faced Colonel Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson. It reaches [...]

Owen the Gasbag

2021-02-20T09:15:27+01:00Sat, 20th Feb '21, 09:15|

Take a closer look at Owen Bonnici’s ridiculously headlined article in yesterday’s The Malta Independent accompanied by an equally ridiculous photograph. It should not surprise you, perhaps, but the content is equally ridiculous. I went back to the piece after a friend nudged me to, his sides still aching from the perverse trauma he felt [...]

An unquiet retirement

2021-02-19T11:50:29+01:00Fri, 19th Feb '21, 11:50|

Reno Bugeja has just been appointed head of communications and PR at the state-owned energy corporation. It's a full-time job on top of other engagements he took on since his late retirement from the job of editor of TVM news. He was promoted to edit the state's TV news in May 2013, less than 2 [...]

GUEST POST: Heaven or Hell?

2021-02-19T10:20:13+01:00Fri, 19th Feb '21, 10:20|

I heard the mission bell And I was thinking to myself, ‘This could be Heaven or this could be Hell.’ - Hotel California, The Eagles Robert told us that we are in Heaven. Since my pre-school lessons at the Franciscan Sisters in Ħamrun, many moons ago, I was always taught that Heaven is above while [...]

PN proposes that developers’ lobby sits on the board of new construction regulator

2021-02-19T09:55:03+01:00Fri, 19th Feb '21, 09:55|

PN MP Herman Schiavone proposed in Parliament this week that the Malta Developers’ Association is given the right at law to nominate one of the governors of a new Building Construction Authority set up to regulate the industry it represents. The proposal came at the very last minute of this week’s session of the Parliamentary [...]

Examine your conscience

2021-02-19T09:31:39+01:00Fri, 19th Feb '21, 09:31|

Mandy Mallia, one of Daphne Caruana Galizia's sisters, posted this on Facebook. She recalled a speech Benna chase gave at one of the monthly vigils earlier this year. The reminder came up after a high school drama troupe published its list of sponsors for its yearly performance art event. The sponsors included the Hilton Hotel. [...]

Note to Bernard Grech: if resignations were enough, Joseph Muscat could retire in peace. They’re not enough.

2021-02-19T07:03:22+01:00Thu, 18th Feb '21, 14:34|

Bernard Grech got the Jacob Borg treatment at a policy event of the PN today. He looked like he was expecting it but prepping a pocket smile, a clear brow, and an approachable tone is only half the job. The other half is actually saying the right thing. Praising Pierre Portelli for resigning after news [...]

The leopard who changed his spots

2021-02-18T13:23:18+01:00Thu, 18th Feb '21, 13:23|

Mario Vella has just extended his time on the public payroll by hopping onto another iced bun. He started out as boss at the foreign investment agency. They then gave him the headship of the central bank until they needed the spot to give Edward Scicluna an Irish promotion. Mario Vella is now “special envoy” [...]

Il-Koħħu may be cooperating with the authorities

2021-02-17T11:54:56+01:00Wed, 17th Feb '21, 11:54|

Vincent “il-Koħħu” Muscat charged with being one of the three assassins on site at the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia, has withdrawn an appeal from a ruling by the trial judge that dismissed all technical objections he and the other two accused made. It is reasonable to expect that the withdrawal of the appeal may [...]

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