The Shift News reports that on the eve of a fund raiser in Gozo Robert Abela met Gozitan construction contractors in an event hosted by Joseph Portelli. The next day’s telethon, quite obviously a front to launder the cash given illegally by the contractors to the prime minister, claimed receiving over €1,000,000.

Days later Joseph Portelli was granted through his frontmen a permit to develop apartments in Sannat in a project variously described as a monstrosity, an environmental disaster, and an inescapable eye-sore. Take your pick.

At the same time Robert Abela gets his audience’s applause for promising, after the rape of Malta was exported to Gozo by a government very clearly in the pocket of tycoons afflicted with unbounded greed, a green future.

He who was the Planning Authority’s lawyer through those disastrous years made no mention of his own villa that should have been illegal had not the Authority he worked for not miraculously washed away all its sins just before Robert Abela bought it. He did not interfere in the planning process over the villa he would buy, he claimed. He just cashed on the miracle.

Who’s worried about the rape of Malta by profiteering criminals in the pockets of bigger profiteering criminals? Who’s tired of hearing of yet another scandal that will make no bloody difference at all because the myth that “in-Nazzjonalisti mhux korrotti wkoll?”, planted of course by the Labour Party, has taken root?

This guy isn’t. Viva l-Lejber indeed.