Fumata grigia

2019-07-03T07:29:38+02:00Wed, 3rd Jul '19, 07:29|

Coverage on the national broadcaster TVM and on Malta Today was pathetic because it was possibly the worst day ever to follow the line of the Labour Party's media on anything. Labour had been getting ready for months to celebrate the transfiguration of the "kink" Joseph Muscat into the blinding light of European glory. In retrospect, [...]

The ‘Russian agent’ who vanished

2019-07-01T20:46:55+02:00Mon, 1st Jul '19, 20:46|

This in depth story about the ‘Mystery Professor’ Joseph Mifsud in yesterday’s The Washington Post makes fascinating reading. In the absence of the man, the two sides of the question on the extent of Russian meddling in US elections grasp at hints in the vague trails left in Joseph Mifsud’s past to prove their side [...]

So much for a pseudo NGO

2019-07-01T20:14:47+02:00Mon, 1st Jul '19, 20:14|

The PN today started its arguments in the Court of Appeal to try to have a decision to refuse Adrian Delia a copy of the Egrant report overturned. And it based those arguments on a court application filed by Repubblika in its own court action asking for an inquiry to start into the hospitals privatisations. [...]

Adrian Delia thinks it’s a good time for a holiday

2019-07-01T18:30:55+02:00Mon, 1st Jul '19, 18:30|

Not that he’s spending too much time on the beach. He was answering Newsbook’s challenge on why three Sundays in a row he gave exclusive access to the political field to Joseph Muscat and abstained from any public events or policy statements on Sundays. Newsbook calls the Sunday events “traditional” and describes the party leaders’ [...]

Repubblika calls for implementation of Council of Europe resolution

2019-07-01T18:02:57+02:00Mon, 1st Jul '19, 18:02|

Statement by Repubblika of today: https://youtu.be/ibNZVROabN8 An English version of the text of the statement follows: Repubblika is disappointed by the reaction of the Maltese Government and Maltese institutions with regard to the appeals made by Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for more transparency in the rule of law in Malta. This reaction [...]

Italian journalists launch on line petition calling on Malta government to implement CoE resolution

2019-07-01T18:05:59+02:00Mon, 1st Jul '19, 17:47|

Two Italian journalists who live under continuous police escort provided by the State because of their journalism on the mafia and organised crime have launched a change.org petition calling on the implementation by Malta of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly’s resolution of last week. The petition specifically calls on the government to initiate an [...]

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