Warming up the tea

2019-07-11T11:12:07+02:00Thu, 11th Jul '19, 11:12|

It is impossible to take anything Adrian Delia does or says at face value and extremely difficult to engage with him on policy matters. It’s like opening your front door to a pair of American boys in their twenties wearing crisp which short-sleeved shirts, a tie and a big black badge on their left shirt [...]

Electoral roll in a state of flux

2019-07-10T17:47:14+02:00Wed, 10th Jul '19, 17:47|

In their letter to the Chairman of the PN’s Executive Committee, petitioners demanding a confidence vote in Adrian Delia complained they were told yesterday that the list of the members of the General Council eligible to vote on the motion at the next Council was not frozen on the day the motion was filed — [...]

Planned PN Council confidence vote ‘not based on transparency, honesty’ – petitioners

2019-07-10T15:10:48+02:00Wed, 10th Jul '19, 13:45|

Promoters of a confidence motion in Adrian Delia have openly complained PN Secretary General Clyde Puli is betraying instructions of the Executive Committee on the terms of a general council called for 27 July. The Council was convened after more than 150 petitioners asked for a General Council meeting to be held. The party administration [...]

A serene atmosphere

2019-07-10T09:54:47+02:00Wed, 10th Jul '19, 09:54|

Watch Herman Grech’s interview with Louis Galea this morning on timesofmalta.com. There are many things you can take from that conversation. I’ll focus on one. Louis Galea confronts the last word in defence of Adrian Delia’s rule against all basic common sense and crushes it: it does not matter that he was “elett mit-tesserati”. As [...]

Luigi Ciotti, leading anti-mafia campaigner, joins call for independent inquiry into Daphne assassination

2019-07-09T16:39:04+02:00Tue, 9th Jul '19, 16:36|

Just over two months away from a deadline given by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for Malta's government to open an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, anti-mafia campaigner Don Luigi Ciotti signed a petition calling for Malta's government to comply. The government has so far [...]

The other side of every story

2019-07-09T16:21:23+02:00Tue, 9th Jul '19, 16:21|

You’ll find ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine scientists that will tell you global warming is catastrophic and man made. Somewhere there will be one who for the right coverage and compensation will say that it isn’t. Put one representative of the 99,999 on a TV stage and face him with the one scientists who [...]

GUEST POST: ‘We are open in everything’ – A Trip to the American University of Malta

2019-07-07T11:54:32+02:00Sun, 7th Jul '19, 11:54|

Lizzie Eldridge goes under-cover following up her series on this website on the American University of Malta with a little exploration of her own. It is reasonable to expect Adrian Hillman will now post photo ID's of Ms Eldridge at the security guard's desk. You’ve got to wonder which dumb-ass schmuck head PR person had [...]

Benchmarking unity

2019-07-07T11:27:57+02:00Sun, 7th Jul '19, 11:27|

General Councillors of the Nationalist Party are being convened later this month to vote on a confidence motion in Party leader Adrian Delia. The vote is beset by confusion, designed and intended by the leader himself. The last thing he wants from the process is clarity. The most obvious contradictory message to Councillors is that [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: But Louis Galea…

2019-07-07T10:51:11+02:00Sun, 7th Jul '19, 10:09|

From my article in The Sunday Times today:  "Why would Galea allow himself to be part of a charade? Has he reconciled the doubts he had about Delia’s suitability for leadership? Has Delia’s election absolved him of his past like a sacral bath? What comes into play in the present situation is a hope that [...]

Again, from the top of the page please.

2019-07-05T14:16:26+02:00Fri, 5th Jul '19, 14:16|

I watched Louis Galea give a comment this morning to the PN’s TV station about the brief given him at yesterday’s Executive meeting that approved Adrian Delia’s proposal to have Louis Galea brought in to manage the party’s reform program. I have plenty to say about what happened but I think I’ll leave some of [...]


2019-07-04T10:55:35+02:00Thu, 4th Jul '19, 10:55|

David Casa is one as of today. The position will not require him to wear a white toga praetexta with a broad purple stripe on its border, though I imagine he’d cut a dash in an Ancient Roman outfit. But in the European Parliament, quaestors are elected by their peers to run administrative and financial [...]

The Nuremberg defence

2019-07-04T10:41:54+02:00Thu, 4th Jul '19, 10:41|

Granted that for political parties to work you need some form of a chain of command. If everyone says what they’re thinking at the moment and shoots from the hip, if there’s no coherence and no coordination, a party is no longer worthy of that name: it becomes chaos. But political parties are not armies. [...]


2019-07-04T09:39:10+02:00Thu, 4th Jul '19, 09:39|

Collecting 5,000 signatures is an impressive administrative effort. Supporters of Adrian Delia wanted to be seen to amount to more than the rebels who called for a confidence vote in the leader, hopefully killing the argument just by showing up. Of course, that’s the half of the story they want us to think of.  The [...]

You call this safe?

2019-07-04T08:55:18+02:00Thu, 4th Jul '19, 08:55|

Photo: Mahmud Turkia/AFP/Getty Images Forty-four migrants, many of them women and children, were killed in Libya when an air strike hit the detention centre they were locked up in just outside Tripoli. Another 130 people at least were injured in the attack. The migrants were prisoners of the Libyan government fulfilling its obligations [...]

16 July: Vigil for Truth and Justice

2019-07-17T08:31:05+02:00Thu, 4th Jul '19, 08:34|

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has joined the worldwide call for a proper investigation into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and for impunity to end for those who killed her and those who got away with the crimes she revealed. The same call in her country must be kept up. The [...]

‘Almost’: The Graphic Novel

2019-07-04T08:25:06+02:00Thu, 4th Jul '19, 08:25|

From the capable hands of BugM on Twitter: “Almost” pic.twitter.com/2e2rWH7G40— BugM (@bugdavem) July 3, 2019 “Almost” - international friends edition. pic.twitter.com/AtAft4izGx— BugM (@bugdavem) July 3, 2019 “Almost” pic.twitter.com/TLEW2jrKSL— BugM (@bugdavem) July 2, 2019

Full of sound and fury, stratifying nothing.

2019-07-03T12:01:17+02:00Wed, 3rd Jul '19, 12:01|

To bring down the divisions within the Nationalist Party to old-fashioned Marxist class conflict is nostalgic, simplistic and wrong. James Debono did so for MaltaToday. He is one of the sharpest minds writing in the press and his deep seeping in ideological analysis more often than not provides an alternative and sound insight. This one [...]

UPDATED AGAIN: #almostimportant

2019-07-03T18:36:12+02:00Wed, 3rd Jul '19, 09:48|

This post is being updated as more witty posts show up on Twitter and Facebook. One TV's coverage that celebrated the fact that Joseph Muscat almost made President of the European Council started a trail of hilarity on social media. Here are some tweets and Facebook posts of people who almost made it, starting with [...]

The case of the non-ambassador

2019-07-03T09:20:10+02:00Wed, 3rd Jul '19, 09:20|

Several Sicilian town councils are expressing misgivings and regret about the expenses they have made in hosting Ray Bondin believing he was either Malta’s Ambassador to UNESCO or an official from the UN organisation itself. Over several years Ray Bondin has ‘advised’ Sicilian town councils in their applications to UNESCO to have their towns or [...]