Russia has been fighting an information war on democracy for a decade and because of the traitors in our midst who have bound themselves to the tyrannies intent on breaking up Europe and the democratic world, they’ve been given free access to our culture and our way of life and the power to undermine it from within.

It had to be their bloody aggression and the illegal, unprovoked, and unjustified invasion of Ukraine to wake people up to what has been going on.

Russia Today has been twisting reality to suit Vladimir Putin’s needs for years. Their lies have undermined western political processes and elections all over the West. The information war was the antecedent, the artillery fire before the invasion that has just started.

The European Commission said that Russia’s propaganda, now lying about Putin’s actions in Ukraine on a daily and hourly basis, will not be allowed in Europe. The Commission specifically identified Russia Today (RT). That was two days ago.

RT is still showing on Malta’s TVs spouting disinformation and lies about what’s happening in our world.

Switch the bloody thing off.