Looking for Joseph (Mifsud)

2018-03-02T09:45:23+01:00Fri, 2nd Mar '18, 08:48|

The case of the self-anointed “Professor” Joseph Mifsud is getting more and more mysterious. Straight out of a cold war spy story is this middleman who appears, strangely, to have been acting on behalf of the Russians in an effort to create a mess in United States politics. You can read some more about the [...]

Is that treason too then?

2018-03-02T15:49:40+01:00Thu, 1st Mar '18, 08:59|

Simon Busuttil summed it up nicely when he spoke about Owen Bonnici confirming in Parliament the government got UK lawyers to reply to the European Parliament delegation’s report on the poor state of rule of law in Malta. It was a poor effort and incredibly expensive. A bit like paying for breakfast at the Ritz [...]