GUEST POST: A letter to three parties

2018-03-19T18:05:40+01:00Mon, 19th Mar '18, 18:05|

Sent in by Patricia Mifsud: I’ve just finished reading the blog-post Cambridge Analytica psyops methods were used in Malta and have been moved to write this open letter to our Members of Parliament from both sides of the House. I appeal to all present Labour and Nationalist Members to think very, very carefully about the [...]

G Farrugia Calleja: Paragons of all Journalistic Virtue

2018-03-19T17:56:40+01:00Mon, 19th Mar '18, 17:56|

By resident guest George Farrugia Calleja: Saviour Balzan, pretty much the sole mover and shaker behind Malta Today, favours the stern and concerned look to adorn the area of his portal from where his opinion is disseminated. Raphael Vassallo, a writer of long standing with Malta Today, uses a picture that tends to confirm to [...]

Cambridge Analytica psyops methods were used in Malta

2018-03-19T17:44:54+01:00Mon, 19th Mar '18, 10:54|

The whistle-blower explaining to the British press how Cambridge Analytica helped the Trump campaign win the 2016 election describes a methodology he calls “the psychological warfare tool” used in Malta at least since March 2015. Briefly the method is harvesting massive data from Facebook to allow campaigners to profile what makes people tick from their very [...]

Go on then, get a life

2018-03-18T22:33:30+01:00Sun, 18th Mar '18, 22:33|

Joseph Muscat's foot soldiers had a visual message for the people who think there's anything wrong with this country. If you can't see yourself cheering the government, get drunk, get drugged, dance your concerns away. Everybody's doing it anyway. If you're not at this party, you may as well be dead. So #GetALife. Here are [...]

The lie

2018-03-18T22:17:40+01:00Sun, 18th Mar '18, 22:14|

If you’ve been reading The Guardian and The Observer about the whistle-blower from Cambridge Analytica you must be disturbed by the complete callousness of the billionaires who have been able to apply technology to swing majorities in the most sophisticated democracies in the world to accept and clamour for fabrications and untruths. This is the [...]

The Cambridge Analytica story

2018-03-18T09:51:07+01:00Sun, 18th Mar '18, 09:51|

The technology genius who worked for Cambridge Analytica has come out in detailed interviews for The Guardian/Observer. Read this detailed story here. Cambridge Analytica is a subsidiary of SCL Elections, a firm close to Henley and Partners. SCL Elections is known to have manipulated elections in St Kitts and Nevis, the outcome of which has [...]


2018-03-18T08:17:43+01:00Sun, 18th Mar '18, 08:17|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The Prime Minister, who devised the sale of Maltese citizenship, enjoys cult hero status in this country. He has apparently found the final solution to pressures on public finances: a goose with an infinite supply of golden eggs that can pay for all the vices and inefficiencies [...]

Lombard share sale: some questions

2018-03-17T19:52:42+01:00Sat, 17th Mar '18, 19:52|

The PN and the PD raised questions on the government using money from selling passports to buy up Maltese banks. If there was something that worked reasonably well in this country it was domestic banks. There are problems to be sure. But outliving 2008 was a tough test by any standard. The increase in government [...]

Not royalty

2018-03-17T16:21:54+01:00Sat, 17th Mar '18, 16:21|

When I saw pictures of the Muscat children at the Commonwealth meeting in London I thought what most people did. The argument has been made so many times before. They missed school again because they went on a work trip with daddy. Other parents get fined for just the same thing. There are laws that [...]

Not the Argonaut

2018-03-17T16:33:39+01:00Sat, 17th Mar '18, 15:41|

Jason Micallef, the hobbit from the land so great they get gardeners to run their culture festivals, went ballistic again because a banner was hung on a bridge covering one of his two hundred 'European Capital of Culture' banners. Here's his Facebook post from yesterday. "Another act of provocation". Once again Jason Micallef, provoking what? [...]

Andrew Borg-Cardona: Anti-SLAPP slapped down

2018-03-17T07:53:31+01:00Sat, 17th Mar '18, 07:53|

The following guest piece by Andrew Borg Cardona is in reaction to Minister Jose' Herrera's article this morning in the Times of Malta. Herrera gives 'reasons' for the government's no-longer silent refusal to protect Malta's journalists and prevent the chilling effect of the threat of libel tourism. Environment Minister Jose' Herrera, a lawyer by profession [...]


2018-03-16T16:59:34+01:00Fri, 16th Mar '18, 16:43|

The Appeals Court decision confirming an earlier defamation sentence against Saviour Balzan is interesting. Saviour Balzan made a defamatory allegation against Richard Cachia Caruana, the court decided, when he alleged he dragooned a regiment of commentators and used them to harm the enemies of Lawrence Gonzi. Saviour Balzan had specifically written about Daphne Caruana Galizia [...]

Baqgħu sakemm qatluha

2018-03-16T09:06:27+01:00Fri, 16th Mar '18, 09:06|

Five months ago today Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. Joseph Muscat is still in office. Every day without justice they kill her again. Join the call for justice tonight at 18:30 in front of the courts building in Valletta.  

Tiring ironies

2018-03-15T11:40:51+01:00Thu, 15th Mar '18, 11:40|

So Mossack Fonseca is no more. There are many other law firms in many other tax havens hiding the secrets of many other politicians. But this one is gone. It is a bitter sweet moment for many people in Malta, but for none more so than Matthew Caruana Galizia. It is indeed a strange day. [...]

What’s going on at Global Capital?

2018-03-15T12:23:12+01:00Thu, 15th Mar '18, 08:49|

Its binding bid to buy Lombard Bank is as clear as mud. As a listed company Global Capital have a legal obligation to announce to the market important information to avoid rumours and speculation. They did make an announcement two days ago but it had the opposite effect. They claimed the offer to buy half [...]

Glenn Bedingfield’s questions

2018-03-15T08:18:18+01:00Thu, 15th Mar '18, 08:18|

Glenn Bedingfield stood in defence of what he believes is his right to work for two institutions that are designed by our Constitution to be independent of each other and for one to keep the other in check and the other to balance out the one. Here’s an extract from his intervention in Parliament yesterday. [...]

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