Two leaders, and an elephant ignored

2018-05-01T22:14:20+02:00Tue, 1st May '18, 20:54|

When the rest of the world thinks of Malta it thinks of how corruption and crime have infiltrated politics in a country they thought was a model European democracy. They think of how freedom of speech has been slashed in a country where they thought rights would be irreducible. They think of how we sell [...]

GUEST POST: To those getting ready to go to Valletta

2018-05-01T10:20:26+02:00Tue, 1st May '18, 10:20|

By Patricia Mifsud A short message addressed to those among us who are planning to attend the rally this afternoon Please, follow your conscience. Do you really believe that the way Joseph Muscat is leading the country is ethical? Do you really believe that Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi are justified in not resigning at [...]

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