Cyprus Media Complaints Commission finds reporting was attack on Maria Efimova to damage her credibility and consequently undermine the weight of her revelations about Malta’s Prime Minister

2018-05-09T14:29:48+02:00Wed, 9th May '18, 13:45|

The Cyprus Media Complaints Commission has ruled on a complaint on reporting in the Cypriot press, specifically a report in publication 'Reporter' that published wrongful allegations about Maria Efimova that were stated at the same time here in Malta in a series of Facebook posts by TVM news presenter Brian Hansford. The Commission "has come [...]

The rabbit runs through it

2018-05-09T13:03:28+02:00Wed, 9th May '18, 13:03|

The Malta Independent reluctantly criticised TVM and its sister outlets for misleading their viewers by burying stories that embarrass the government. They made specific reference to reports in international press following up on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s stories. In burying them TVM plays into the government’s narrative nothing new has emerged. I say reluctantly because The [...]

Tell them I called you earlier

2018-05-09T08:23:16+02:00Wed, 9th May '18, 08:23|

No sooner has Keith Schembri produced another poor excuse for a justification for his off-shore accounts that we hear that Maltese investigators already suspected that sort of excuse to be a pre-arranged alibi. Keith Schembri yesterday said his BVI structure predated by a year or two his appointment to office and therefore reflects his personal [...]

Andrew Borg Cardona: Acid relief

2018-05-09T11:19:58+02:00Wed, 9th May '18, 07:51|

By Andrew Borg Cardona I was asked, by many, why I bothered to put a few words together to show up Martin Scicluna’s poor judgement and even poorer respect for our intelligence. “Who cares what he writes?” was the general trend, “We all know what he is”. It would be so easy to take this [...]

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