Stop asking the President to commit a putsch

2018-05-25T15:16:44+02:00Fri, 25th May '18, 15:16|

I’m with the President on this one. It doesn’t matter what she thinks about the executive actions she is asked to sign. She has to sign them. There is no way she can refuse. This is why I completely disagree with people who think of the President as some form of saviour of last resort [...]

Social housing: is the price right?

2018-05-25T10:03:47+02:00Fri, 25th May '18, 10:03|

Perhaps value for money audits by the National Audit Office can start even before a project is commissioned rather than 7 years after it’s completed. Yesterday I commented on the auditor’s report on Mater Dei, the principle finding of which was that insufficient documentation is available to determine whether things were done properly. We have [...]


2018-05-25T08:45:13+02:00Fri, 25th May '18, 08:45|

Looks like Triton Fountain needs some maintenance already. It was relaunched with (well deserved) fanfare just a few weeks ago. Something's wrong with it, it seems. Perhaps the naked man in the tray left something behind?

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