Wagging tongues

2018-05-28T15:41:09+02:00Mon, 28th May '18, 15:41|

Adrian Delia has caught up with his outstanding taxes and paid his tax debts off after disposing of assets he used to hold and does not hold anymore. He has given a detailed account of this to David Lindsay of The Malta Independent on Sunday who was shown documentation some of which is publicly available [...]

The agony of Gozo General

2018-05-28T15:28:54+02:00Mon, 28th May '18, 08:19|

The fate of the Gozo General Hospital has been hanging in the balance since the government decided to abdicate its public responsibility to ensure the provision of overnight health services on Gozo and ‘sold it’ to someone else. The national health service — the obligation of the state to provide excellent health services to everyone [...]

Chris Cardona hard at work

2018-05-28T07:53:23+02:00Mon, 28th May '18, 07:53|

Chris Cardona’s travel calendar makes fascinating reading. He is really that rare breed of minister whose memoirs you actually look forward to and hope they are the most sincere thing he’s ever written, which in his case is a very low benchmark. Relying on the information he gave Parliament about his travel over the last [...]

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