2018-05-23T23:10:56+02:00Wed, 23rd May '18, 23:10|

I doubt very much this will stop the ‘where’s the laptop’ trolling but at least it should frustrate the real motive behind it. Trolls repeat a mantra because mantras are easy to remember. They can be used to shout down any argument and prevent any tempting distraction from the obsessive objective of silencing rationality and [...]

Euronews and the European Business Society award the Contribution to Society Award in honour of Daphne Caruana Galizia

2018-05-23T22:29:20+02:00Wed, 23rd May '18, 22:29|

At the inaugural European Leadership Awards ceremony in Brussels tonight, Euronews and the European Business Society presented a special Contribution to Society award to the family of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The award commemorates her work in the area of investigative journalism. The award was received by Matthew and Andrew Caruana Galizia from European Parliament President Antonio Tajani. [...]

The giant windmills of St George’s Bay

2018-05-23T18:22:35+02:00Wed, 23rd May '18, 18:22|

Karol Aquilina filed a formal objection at the planning authority against the giant Silvio Debono project in place of the old ITS building overlooking St George’s Bay. Just filed formal objection with @pa_malta to the proposed @dbseabank project on ITS site in St Julian's, a project designed to line the pockets of greedy developers at [...]

Malta based gaming company investigated for insider trading by Swedish authorities

2018-05-23T13:38:17+02:00Wed, 23rd May '18, 13:15|

Cherry AB has confirmed that its CEO Anders Holmgren is being investigated by the Swedish Economic Crime Authority on suspicion of insider trading. The company’s Stockholm headquarters were searched on Tuesday morning in relation to the probe, with Holmgren arrested. Cherry AB and its subsidiaries XCaliber and Comeon have sizeable operational bases in Malta. Industry [...]

John Dalli on blockchain: ‘it will let us do business without anyone watching what we’re doing’

2018-05-23T08:43:21+02:00Wed, 23rd May '18, 08:43|

John Dalli, the éminence grise behind most of the dark initiatives of Joseph Muscat’s government, has given a speech in India on how blockchain will allow people to flow money without the inconvenience of government scrutiny. He was speaking at a New Delhi conference organised by blockchain company QuickX Protocol that has appointed John Dalli [...]

STAR COMMENT: From Daphne’s father, Michael Vella

2018-05-23T08:00:30+02:00Wed, 23rd May '18, 00:33|

Michael Vella is a frequent contributor to the comments boards of this website. He sent the below comment as a contribution to the discussion on the 'untimely interruption' of the work the FBI did on identifying the movements of devices used by the alleged assassins hired to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia. Their review of their [...]

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