There’s a coordinated campaign to get Facebook to ban this article as spam. Make sure you read it.

2018-05-17T21:55:21+02:00Thu, 17th May '18, 21:55|

The article is by Ranier Fsadni and was published in the Times of Malta this morning. It is, as is usual from this author, brilliant, clear and devastatingly cogent. People who shared the article on Facebook have had it struck down after Facebook received complaints the article is spam. We are fighting a battle merely [...]

Wounded policeman? Blame the activists.

2018-05-17T21:25:52+02:00Thu, 17th May '18, 21:25|

A family of a policeman is going through unbearable suffering. He was doing his job directing traffic and a young man tried to kill him. I’d have to say allegedly tried to kill him of course, but his arrest and arraignment though not a prejudice to the presumption of his innocence are manifest and reasonable [...]


2018-05-17T20:56:02+02:00Thu, 17th May '18, 20:40|

I had a conversation with the tech guys that help me out. The scale of the attack this website has been and is being subjected to is far from common. It compares to the worst acts of sabotage the local industry sees for example when someone wants to try to push an online casino off [...]

GUEST POST: Freedom for none without justice for one

2018-05-17T08:08:23+02:00Thu, 17th May '18, 07:53|

Verses sent in by Sean who is known to me: Numbers are allowing for this validation, A constant tallying of national falsification. Championing through daily rights for civil liberty, Whilst enabling the degradation of moral purity. Pumping stations will fuel this egoistic vanity, Trees mortgaged to satisfy our Dubai fantasy. A country where men can [...]

Don’t leave us alone

2018-05-18T05:50:00+02:00Thu, 17th May '18, 07:36|

My speech at yesterday's vigil in Valletta: Nixtieqkom tilbsu ż-żarbun tas-sorsi li kixfu dak li nafu fuq il-korruzzjoni f’pajjiżna. Meta l-whistleblowers tkellmu sentejn jew sena ilu ħadu riskji kbar. Xebgħu jaħbu għall-imbruljuni u stħaw flok sħabhom li baqgħu jagħlqu għajnejhom. Ħadu riskji kbar. Tilfu xogħolhom u għal xi żmien il-libertà tagħhom. Esponew ‘l uliedhom [...]

Does anyone think they’re funny?

2018-05-17T07:32:47+02:00Thu, 17th May '18, 07:32|

Do people feel the way they sound when they go on Facebook to say the thug who ran over a policeman should have reversed over him to finish the job? It was not a universally held view by any means but what possesses apparently normal people to say such things in open view of everyone? [...]

Sorry for the downtime

2018-05-17T07:23:36+02:00Thu, 17th May '18, 07:23|

This website was down for almost 15 hours after what is called a DDoS attack, an act of sabotage that, the engineers who manage this website told me, was a considerable, relentless, well planned and focused effort to keep this website down for as long as possible. It can't be a coincidence that whoever did [...]

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