Euronews interview Maria Efimova

2018-05-30T16:10:43+02:00Wed, 30th May '18, 16:08|

Maria Efimova spoke yesterday at a whistleblowers conference and was interviewed by Euronews. See the interview here. "My motive is to show these people; who feel powerfull, who possess all the wealth and believe they can do whatever they want, is that things are not like that. There is always God to judge them. God [...]

My name is

2018-05-30T15:21:00+02:00Wed, 30th May '18, 15:00|

I worked in political positions for PN governments for almost 17 years. Before that I ran twice on the centre-right ticket for the national union of students. I contested the parliamentary elections on the PN ticket in 2013. So for a long time I’ve done a lot to earn the tribal assumption that I’m PN. [...]

Kris Bajada owes over €110,000 on luxury cars

2018-05-30T12:47:29+02:00Wed, 30th May '18, 12:29|

Kris Bajada is being chased for payments of over €110,000 for luxury cars he purchased from car dealer J. Zammit Limited a company owned by James Zammit who owns Raymond Auto Dealer of Żebbuġ. Kris Bajada published photographs of himself in the Mercedes SL350, one of the luxury cars he procured from Raymond Auto Dealer [...]

Regimes and murdered journalists: Russia demands journalist’s murder is investigated; offers condolences to family

2018-05-30T07:22:00+02:00Wed, 30th May '18, 07:22|

Arkady Babchenko is yet another journalist killed right outside his home. He left his apartment in Kiev to buy bread and was shot several times in his back by a killer who waited outside for him. His wife found him bleeding outside there door. He died in the ambulance. Arkady Babchenko was living in Kiev [...]

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