Women and fast cars

2018-05-27T10:46:43+02:00Sun, 27th May '18, 10:46|

Is it not fascinating that Minister Chris Cardona often travels on his own on official duty? Given that he spends tens of thousands on these trips it is not likely that he travels alone to save money to the public purse doing away with the accompanying stage hand. First of all there's the many trips [...]

Ali Sadr out on bail

2018-05-27T10:10:00+02:00Sun, 27th May '18, 10:10|

Ali Sadr is having his first taste of freedom after two months in lock-up in New York where he is indicted for multiple charges of bank fraud and sanctions busting. The story was broken in Malta in a Matthew Vella report on Malta Today who had it confirmed by a member of Ali Sadr's legal [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Turning Tables

2018-05-27T09:54:07+02:00Sun, 27th May '18, 09:54|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Journalism cannot alone bring about political change. The facts are not enough to silence lies. Truth is not a devastating weapon that wipes out iniquity and plants the seeds of justice in its place. Whistle-blowers do not scare bosses. Consequence is not outside the control of the [...]

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