Martin’s law

2018-05-16T13:51:10+02:00Wed, 16th May '18, 13:19|

I don’t subscribe to the idea that just because Martin Scicluna is old he can be excused for his ramblings as the drool dripping out of his over-extended mind. I think that since he writes his hypocrisies, he deserves the respect of being replied to. Nor does it matter that once upon a time he [...]

Black Haiku

2018-05-16T08:22:53+02:00Wed, 16th May '18, 08:22|

Not by renowned haikist Franco Debono: 17 Black Who owns seventeen black? Not me. Not you. But someone does and knows it!

So here’s the limit of Labour’s friendliness with the construction industry

2018-05-16T07:56:32+02:00Wed, 16th May '18, 07:56|

When writing about the conservation of Dom Mintoff’s “modernist traditional” Ħal Tarxien villa yesterday I thought we can take some comfort that his house will stay on while everything around will be converted into the bog standard apartment blocks that are covering the country. Not quite as it turns out. Dom Mintoff’s villa is zoned [...]

Who owns 17 Black, prime minister?

2018-05-16T07:30:11+02:00Wed, 16th May '18, 06:45|

Statement by #occupyjustice: Seventeen women clad in black stood on the steps of Castille, the office of Malta’s Prime Minister, holding cards reading “Who Owns 17 Black?” to mark seven months since the assassination of the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The protest, carried out by #Occupyjustice activists, was in clear reference to the mystery client [...]

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