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2018-05-21T18:10:55+02:00Sun, 20th May '18, 17:06|

This was first posted on my Facebook page while my site was inaccessible. continues to be unavailable for most of those trying to access it. This is due to a heavy DDoS attack on multiple fronts on the servers it uses. This is the second downtime this week and the longest in the year long [...]

The monk’s freedom

2018-05-20T20:23:34+02:00Sun, 20th May '18, 16:37|

Published first earlier today on my Facebook page when this site was done. So Labour stalwarts Own Bonnici, Rosianne Cutajar, Kurt Farrugia and other sundry corporals in the zombie apocalypse army of Joseph Muscat are all over Facebook and Twitter taunting civil society activists to throw themselves in front of the bullets the Catholic Church [...]

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