Your liberal, secular, modernising government has just spent €32,000 on rosaries, flown them to Rome for blessing and back as handouts of the state

2018-05-24T20:31:29+02:00Thu, 24th May '18, 19:45|

Who even has these ideas? Minister Michael Falzon, the fireworks afficionado whose political career somehow survived the Gaffarena scandal, told MP Karol Aquilina today 2,000 elderly residents of geriatric state institutions are now the proud owners of rosary beads blessed by the Pontifex Maximus himself. He was replying on behalf of his assistant, Tony Agius [...]

Three years and nothing to show for it

2018-05-24T14:26:24+02:00Thu, 24th May '18, 12:42|

The National Audit Office investigated the construction of the Mater Dei Hospital. I use the word ‘investigated’ because they did. Investigation may have been their intent but at least in so far as the report repeatedly finds huge gaps in the information the office managed to gather, what the report appears to have determined is [...]

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